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Frogs are so inspiring.

Ribbit owo


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Critical writing component, 11/29, Parrabbit

I think the instructions were pretty clear and I finished enough in class today, so yeah guess I’m off to a good start. Or at least the first steps were easy because usually I don’t know what I’m doing.

Elements of Design Poster Reflection

So, again, I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m so tech savvy, like a boomer. I did my best, and tried to choose a good color scheme and include everything, so I hope I didn’t miss something. I also forgot how to submit it, so I took a screenshot again. 🙂

Poster thing

I thought the poster examples were really cool. I liked the color scheme of the orange and purple one, and the background they created for texture. I liked the fonts they used, and I think everything went together really well. I think the colors contrasted well and it was very creative. 🙂

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