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Elements of Design Poster Reflection

So, again, I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m so tech savvy, like a boomer. I did my best, and tried to choose a good color scheme and include everything, so I hope I didn’t miss something. I also forgot how to submit it, so I took a screenshot again. 🙂

Poster thing

I thought the poster examples were really cool. I liked the color scheme of the orange and purple one, and the background they created for texture. I liked the fonts they used, and I think everything went together really well. I think the colors contrasted well and it was very creative. 🙂

Color Theory-

Color theory is about how different colors go together and different combinations. Another big part of it is how different colors make us feel. For example, red makes us want to move, said the lady in the video, and that’s why the red carpet is red. There are different color wheels, people can come upContinue reading “Color Theory-“

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